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Infusing STEAM elements into Music and Visual Arts courses​


STEAM education is an approach to learning using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary learning, problem-solving skills and creative and critical thinking. It is one of the important topics in the field of arts education in the 21 st century. Many international arts educators and education bureaus or arts education departments all over the world have been promoting STEAM education recently. Arts educators realise that many issues concerning STEAM education need to be addressed and many questions about the topic arise.

About the Website

The aims of this Website, entitled ‘CCA STEAM Ed’, are to:

  • support STEAM education and research
  • support CCA colleagues and students to infuse the STEAM elements into learning and teaching
  • promote interdisciplinary arts education to primary, secondary and tertiary education levels
  • present good practice examples of STEAM education

This Website is supported by The Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee (DLTC), The Department of Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA) and The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (FLASS) 


play a prominent role in promoting arts education with interdisciplinary approaches. Our colleagues have been exploring various ways to infuse interdisciplinary elements into Music and Visual Arts courses to enrich course content and inspire interdisciplinary innovation for decades. In Hong Kong, STEAM is one of the important approaches to facilitating interdisciplinary learning and teaching in primary and secondary schools. Teachers and researchers may still find it difficult to infuse STEAM elements into Music and Visual Arts learning and teaching, however. This website will not only provide a useful platform for teachers and researchers to communicate, share ideas and contribute to interdisciplinary learning and teaching but also support STEAM research.